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International Packing Tips from Professional Packers and Movers

International Packing Tips from Professional Packers and Movers

Packers and Movers Provides Advice on International PackingInternational Packing Tips from Professional Packers and Movers

An international move is exciting – until you consider the logistics. Visa, healthcare, and new job aside, you’re left with some tough questions to answer. What should you pack, and what’s the best way to get it there? What do you do with the things you don’t want to bring?

As a team of experienced packers and movers, we care about making your relocation as stress-free and seamless as possible. Use these tips from the expert packers and movers at Rose Moving & Storage in Canton, MI, and Belleville, MI to get started on the packing process for your international move.

  1. Hire a reputable moving company – Having a team of professional packers and movers on your side is sure to take a significant load off your shoulders. Not only will they be able to manage the logistics of your relocation, but they can help you pack effectively and efficiently. Whether you need help disassembling furniture, labeling boxes, or crating specialty items, they’ll assist you every step of the way.
  2. Narrow it down – What you take with you to a new country tends to be a little different than what you’d pack if you were moving across town. And when it comes to international moving, less is more. Make two master lists: one of the essential items, and one of the things you’d like to have with you. Pack the necessities first, then if there’s room left over, add in your items of choice. Avoid packing duplicates, perishables, and anything you haven’t used in six months to a year.
  3. Know your options – Once you know what pack, decide what to do with the rest of your belongings. Donate, sell, or toss anything that is no longer wanted or needed, or as your packers and movers about long-term storage services.
  4. Pack wisely – Nothing is worse than reaching your final destination to find twenty unlabeled boxes and broken items strewn throughout your home. If you’re doing some packing yourself, don’t cut any corners. Pad every item with extra layers of newspaper, bubble wrap, or cloth, especially if they are breakable. Label your boxes on all sides and create an inventory list to make sure everything arrives on time. Remember to empty and disassemble any furniture pieces.
  5. Communicate – Shipping your items overseas can be confusing, if not overwhelming. Most international moving companies will match you with a move coordinator who will keep you up to date on any developments during your move. Don’t be afraid to check in with them frequently if you have any questions or concerns about the safety or location of your belongings. Regular communication with your moving team is sure to give you peace of mind.


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