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Items Not to Pack for a Move from Top Packing Services

Items Not to Pack for a Move from Top Packing Services

Industry-Leading Packing Services’ Advice on Items Not to Pack for a MovePacking Services in Canton, MI & Surrounding Areas

As you prepare for your upcoming move, there are a few items to familiarize yourself with that you cannot pack for your residential movers and packing services to pick up. These items need to be disposed of or given away before you move to avoid any messes, hazards, and more. As recommended by professional moving companies, do this ahead of time and save yourself and your packing services the hassle.

  • House Plants – House plants are a great addition to any new home, but before you begin packing, set them aside. Some plants cannot be taken across state borders. Research these types of contamination because they are a danger to natural vegetation and wildlife as an invasive or infective species. Give these plants to your local friends. If there is a houseplant you can take across state boundaries, save it from the boxes, and put it in your car for the ride instead.
  • Perishable Foods – Perishable foods can cause a stinky mess if packed away. Food that can spoil, spill, or rot, need to be left behind. Look into donating your food or give it to your neighbors. For the ride, pack snacks and lunch in a cooler to keep in the car.
  • Flammable Items – These items should be disposed of properly and cannot be put on a moving truck. Gasoline, kerosene, aerosol cans, or anything flammable are not to be packed away. Your local hazardous waste site can help you dispose of these items. This advice also includes emptying your lawn mover and all power tools of fuel. Firearms and fireworks cannot be loaded onto a moving van, either.

House plants, perishable foods, and flammable items all cannot be packed away onto a moving truck. By following these guidelines, you will avoid the complications and risks these items will bring to a move. By properly disposing of or giving away these three items, you will be one step closer to preparing for the moving day. Hiring professional packing services from Rose Moving & Storage will help save you the hassle and our professional movers will ensure items are packed properly.


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