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Relocations Companies Tips for Moving with Pets

Relocations Companies Tips for Moving with Pets

Guide to Making Your Move Easy on Your Pets

The wonderful thing about working with one of the best relocation companies is a representative will gladly share helpful information on a variety of topics, including how to make the move easy on your pets. That will create a less stressful experience for not only your precious animals but also you and other family members.


Whether you use the packing services offered by the best relocation companies or you decide to handle this yourself, either keep your pets in a back room behind closed doors, take them to a boarding facility, or have a family member or friend keep them until finished.

New Home

If you plan to move a short distance, take your pets to the new home to let them become familiar with the different sights, sounds, and smells. Ultimately, your animals will settle in much quicker following the move. If relocating some distance away, when you arrive with your animals, put them in a back room or crate until the movers leave. Then, allow them to investigate their new home. Even if the house has a fenced backyard, wait. Keep your dog on a leash until you have time to check it and your pet learns the space.


Several weeks before your move, have your veterinarian perform a wellness check and bring your animals up-to-date on vaccinations. If you plan to move from one state to another, request a health certificate.


One of the top relocation companies recommends you set carriers or crates out with the door open to allow your animals to venture inside at will. By doing this a few weeks ahead of the move, they will feel more comfortable traveling in an enclosed space. If you are not going to use carriers or crates, make sure you tether their leashes. Simply loop one end of the leash through the headrest or a secure anchor before pulling it through the handhold and attaching it to the collar. If an accident occurs, your pets will not bolt when first responders open the doors of the vehicle.


While most pets do reasonably well on the road, if you have a dog or cat that struggles with car sickness or excess anxiety, talk to your vet about a mild sedative before heading out.


When traveling with a bird, always cover the cage and tether for security. Of all animals, birds tend to stress the most, so this helps tremendously.

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