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Reopening Your Office Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic with Professional Business Movers

Reopening Your Office Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic with Professional Business Movers

Business Movers’ Advice on Reopening Your Office During the Coronavirus Pandemic in Canton, MI & Belleville, MIBusiness Movers in Canton, MI & Belleville, MI

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many offices are planning how to reopen and maintain a workplace amidst new social distancing guidelines and recommendations. After months of working from home, everyone is eager to come back into the office but here are a few ways you can take advantage of the time before reopening with the help of leading moving companies and professional business movers like Rose Moving & Storage.


Follow Social-Distancing Guidelines

There are many changes coming to your office as you work on reopening. The social-distancing rules might change your office’s set up as you put six feet for your employees and customers. To follow these rules, you might have to consider the removal of furniture and equipment to make room rearrangements. While this is stressful, hiring business movers can save you and your office time by moving your furniture for you and even disassembling the cubicles you no longer need. While the social-distancing guidelines are in place, business movers can take away and store the furniture you are not currently using and store them in their warehouses for short-term or long-term storage. It is important to hire business movers to move your furniture because asking you or your employees to handle this work alone can cause a risk of injury or strain.


Take Inventory & Store Items

Returning to the office after being away for a few months is a good opportunity to go through what you need or what can be gotten rid of. Take inventory and plan to sort through the office. Items can be stored or thrown away to create a less hectic or crowded workplace. If you would like business movers to move your company to a new location during this time, it is ideal to throw away what you do not need before the move so you do not pay for those items to be moved.

After you and your employees return to the office, there is a new layout and way of doing things to get used to. With some planning and thinking ahead, these could be changes to look forward to as you rethink what your office needs the most and what you can do to achieve a comfortable working space for you and your employees.


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