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Tips from Local Moving Companies: Saving Money During a Move

Tips from Local Moving Companies: Saving Money During a Move

Use These Tips From Local Moving Companies to Save Money During a Move

Not only are moves stressful, but often, they are expensive. There are a number of different factors you will want to consider when determining how to receive the quality services you are looking for while staying on budget. However, there are many other ways you can save on an upcoming move.

  • Hiring a Moving CompanyLocal moving companies are all different. Unfortunately, the most inexpensive movers do not always offer the quality and reliability you may be looking for.  Make sure you choose a licensed moving company that will provide you with an in home estimate or an video survey. Reputable movers will almost always need to see your home and belongings to give you an accurate estimate based on your belongings. Choose a moving company that is affiliated with a large van line. Rose Moving and Storage is a proud agent of Allied Van Lines, allowing us to provide you with additional moving resources. Professional moving companies will also work with you to identify the best moving plan based on your budget and needs.
  • Packing and Unpacking – Although  local moving companies offer a variety of different moving services including everything from  professional packing and unpacking services, to keep the price of the move affordable, you can handle this part of the job yourself. Remember, starting as early as possible will keep you organized and reduce your stress. As for boxes, check dumpsters behind retail stores or request them from grocery and liquor stores.
  • Packing Material – When experts do the packing, they use high-quality bubble wrap and packing paper. To save money, you can protect your breakables by using newspapers, magazines, linens, and clothing items.
  • Garage Sale – Before moving, take time to declutter. As part of that, set things aside that you can put in a garage sale. Not only will you be saving  money, but you can also make money from your garage sale.
  • Moving Schedule – If you hire one of the local moving companies that you researched, try to coordinate the date so that it falls in the middle of the week or month. The reason is that the first and last days of the week and month are the busiest, which can make them the more expensive.
  • Extra Charges – Carefully look over your contract for any additional fees before signing. Some local moving companies charge extra for dealing with stairs, hooking up appliances, transferring goods to a smaller truck, and so on. A reputable company will always discuss extra charges with you.
  • Saving Money – Hire a moving company that offers quality moving services for a great price. Never cut on quality to save money, when doing so you may find a moving company that doesn’t live up to your expectations. You may even end up paying more with hidden fees. At Rose Moving and Storage, we will never charge you any hidden fees and we always live up to our high moving standards.

For more money saving tips or to speak with a leader among local moving companies contact Rose Moving and Storage today.