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Advice for Short-Term Storage Solutions

Advice for Short-Term Storage Solutions

Industry-Leading Tips on Short-Term Storage Solutions in Canton, MI & Surrounding AreasShort-Term Storage Solutions in Canton, MI & Belleville, MI

Planning for an upcoming move doesn’t always happen too smoothly. Sometimes, the house or office being moved into isn’t ready yet, or the move has to be earlier than expected resulting in a move-in day that is different from the initial move-out day. Rose Moving & Storage’s professional movers in Canton, MI, and Belleville, MI have gathered their best advice on what to look for when you need short-term storage solutions.

  • Do Your Homework – If your move requires short-term storage solutions, plan to look for moving companies that provide safe and secure storage in addition to their moving services. Important factors to look for are finding a storage option that is security-monitored and climate-controlled for the protection of your belongings. Storage is a good option for your belongings while the move is underway or is being completed at a later date. Many home and business owners cannot change their move-out date to accommodate a later move-in when their next location is available due to rent being due, the end of a lease, and more.
  • What Do You Need? – While preparing for an estimate about the moving and storage services you will need, answer these few pointers. Do you know what size unit you will need? Will you need to access the items while they are in storage? If you need to access your belongings in storage, can you reach them by car? What hours is the storage facility open and accessible? If you can answer or ask these questions, you will be well prepared for your estimate with a professional moving and storage company.
  • Use Quality Packing Supplies – Your belongings will be packed, stored, and delivered during the duration of your move. Be sure to pack with only new and good-quality boxes and packing materials. Purchase new boxes, packaging tape, bubble wrap, markers, and more. Anything less can damage your packed items.

Pick the moving and storage services best for you. A move can be hectic, but that’s why we are providing you with these tips on how to look for the short-term storage solutions you need. Once your move is all planned and the estimate is finalized, let the moving and storage professionals handle the hard work and enjoy the results of your new journey.


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