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Simple Tips to Prepare for Your International Move

Simple Tips to Prepare for Your International Move

Tips for International Moving

When it comes to international moving, excellent preparation is vital to success. With so many different factors involved, you need a system that will keep you organized. Rather than feel stressed about your upcoming relocation, consider some of the simple tips provided.

Hiring a Reputable Company

Without question, hiring a reputable company is the best decision you can make for international moving. For this, you want to select movers with years of experience. The right company will have a logistics expert and strong connections with third parties for your specific destination.


Make sure you have all required documentation in order, i.e., a visa, passport, vaccination records, and so on. Because some things take a while to receive, allow yourself adequate time.

Necessary Supplies
Unless you use professional packing services provided by your moving company, you need to gather high-quality boxes, tape, wrapping paper, and labels. While you might feel tempted to find boxes from behind a local store or inside a dumpster, quality is the operative word. A much better option is to purchase the items required from the company handling the move.

Close Accounts

Roughly four to six weeks before the move, contact organizations to close accounts. Included are the utility companies, banks or credit unions, gym memberships, etc.

Human and Pet Care
It is also essential that you find a qualified physician for you and your family as well as a veterinarian for any pets. For this, you might ask your current doctor and vet for recommendations. Otherwise, you can rely on an assistance service, conduct research online, or ask for a referral from someone you know in the other country.

Change of Address
Either visit your local post office or use the online service to change your address. For international moving, you should handle this roughly two to three weeks before relocating. 

A Reliable Source

For international moving, Rose Moving & Storage is a trusted and reliable source. We have a ton of experience helping individuals and organizations relocate to countries around the world. Contact us today for a free quote.