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Storage Solutions in Belleville, MI and Beyond from Rose Moving & Storage

Storage Solutions in Belleville, MI and Beyond from Rose Moving & Storage

Tips for Moving into a Smaller Space from Top Moving Companies Serving Belleville, MI and Surrounding Areas

Whether you are downsizing after becoming an empty nester, trying to save money, or moving into a smaller space, downsizing can be difficult. It is especially challenging if you have sentimental items or furniture that just won’t fit into your new home. To make moving into a smaller space easier, you can place some possessions in a storage space. This is a great alternative to parting with prized belongings, while still having room to roam your new home.

When moving into a smaller space, use it as an opportunity to declutter. Start by going through every closet, drawer, and cabinet to find items that you no longer want or use. Then, set up five types of boxes labeled for “donation,” “hand-me-down,” “recycle,” “trash,” and “store.” This can help you downsize and also possibly help someone in need when you donate items you no longer use.


Choosing the Right Storage Facility

Because not all storage facilities and warehouses are the same, be selective. Most importantly, choose a secure site so that you do not have to spend time worrying about the safety of your possessions. Also, consider if you need a climate controlled facility. climate controlled facilities are the perfect type of protection for all your important items. They prevent many different types of damages that can happen to items when items are exposed to different temperatures.

At Rose Moving and Storage, our warehouse storage services can make your move to a smaller space seamless by providing many different storage options to fit your needs. If you need to store some or all your items, we can help with that. We can store anything from large equipment to smaller household items. Therefore, making your move an easier one.


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