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What You Should Expect in Your Moving and Storage Estimate

What You Should Expect in Your Moving and Storage Estimate

Local Movers Tips on What to Expect in Your Moving and Storage Estimate in Canton, MI & Surrounding AreasMoving and Storage Estimate in Canton, MI

When beginning to plan for your upcoming move, the moving and storage estimate with different moving companies is a crucial step in the process. Don’t let any questions go unanswered as you complete an estimate with moving companies. Be sure to include everything you will be moving, even the items you have in storage, your shed, and basement. Rose Moving & Storage provides this advice on what you can expect in your moving and storage estimate.

  • Distance & Equipment – Quotes may vary depending on the distance of your move, or for the type of equipment needed to move certain items. The cost for a professional moving estimate depends on how many miles the move will be, how many movers and truck drivers will be needed, how many trucks, and vehicles will transport your belongings, the packing and material costs, and more. Full-service moves offer more expenses as movers can pack your items for you and can complete additional services such as unpacking, arranging, and planning where the furniture will go. This includes the charges for using logistics planners, designers, and more.
  • Billable Time – All these services run on billable time. And, with so many resources and time involved, some moving estimates are binding. Local moves, being a short distance, are not a binding estimate. But bigger moves such as long distance estimates will be binding because of all the logistics and people involved over a longer amount of time. Long distance moves also include costs that are largely determined by how much your belongings weigh, how many belongings you have, and how many vehicles are needed to transport them all.
  • Protection – Different moving companies usually offer protection for damages and lost items that may be added to your estimate. This is useful to protect valuable items in your home but be sure to ask during your moving and storage estimate how much this additional coverage will cost. Remember, if you pack your own belongings, the movers will not be held accountable if the items are damaged because of your packing choices.

There are many items and moving pieces to think about when discussing moving and storage. Accurate quotes are the most important step for you and your mover, so make sure they are aware of every service you require.


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