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Why You Should Color Code Boxes for a Move

Tips from Rose Moving & Storage on How to Stay Organized During Your Move

If you preparing to pack for an upcoming move, Rose Moving & Storage offers a variety of tips and tricks to help keep you organized during your upcoming move. One tip which is essential in keeping your belongings organized properly is labeling your boxes. I know, sounds simple right, but you would be surprised how often this can be forgotten in the mix of your moving process.  Assigning different colors for specific rooms or for fragile items can really streamline your move.


Keeping It Organized

To get started you will want to gather some colored markers or colored labels and assign each a floor in your home or room a color depending on the size of your new space. For example, the living room might be blue and the master bedroom green and so forth.

As each box is packed, you will want to tag it using the appropriate colored label. Also remember to set a specific color for fragile items, your necessities, or the items that you will need the same day. No one wants to be scrounging through boxes at the end of the night to find that toothbrush when you are exhausted after a move.

This really simple step can save you so much time and headache. As you are moving into your new home you can simply coordinate the labels with the appropriate rooms or areas to ensure everything is being moved to the correct places in your new home.


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