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Lump Sum Payments for Employee Moves

Make Employee Moves Easier with Lump Sum Payments

Rose Moving & Storage is a full-service moving and storage company. We specialize in putting our customers’ needs and that of their moves first. We accomplish this by offering services and plans such as lump sum payment options to our clients and their employees.  We want to take the stress and hassle out of an employee relocation, and with Rose Moving & Storage, you will have a smooth moving and storage experience.


Why Use Lump Sum Payments?

In today’s fast-paced world, companies relocating want to include their employees in the employee relocation process. A lump sum move is a moving bonus provided to the employee of the company to use towards their move. This allows the employee to have more of a hands-on experience to plan and have a say in their move as they work with the given bonus.

An employee with a lump sum payment will be able to manage their own move and plan with one of Rose Moving and Storage’s personal coordinators what needs they have and want to cover. Along with these abilities, they can rest easy knowing that our professionally trained movers will carefully wrap and pack all your belongings for pick-up, storage, and the final drop-off.

An agent of Allied Van Lines, we have access to completing moves in forty-two different countries thanks to our partnership with Allied Van Lines, one of the largest and most connected moving companies in the whole world. Our access to these vans and equipment allows us to provide our movers with all the equipment they need to make your employee relocation and lump sum move streamlined and successful.

Rose Moving & Storage, the ideal mover for you. End your search for moving companies here and begin planning your next move with us. With our customizable moving and storage services, each move is completed to our customer’s satisfaction.


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