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How Far in Advance Should You Book Full-Service Movers

Plan Your Move with Professional Advice: How Far in Advance Should You Book Full-Service Movers in Canton, MI & Surrounding AreasFull-Service Movers in Canton, MI & Grand Rapids, MI

When you are ready to move and your moving day is just around the corner, did you remember to schedule and book an appointment with professional movers? While movers come to help move your belongings on the moving day, they are actually involved much more in every step of the move from beginning to end. So, as you begin planning your move, how far in advance should you book full-service movers?


Planning Your Move

It’s important to think ahead when it comes to planning a move. Take a look at your calendar and pick a time a few months before your ideal moving day. There are a few things that can affect how early you should reach out to full-service movers.

  • What time of the year you are moving
  • What kind of services you need
  • How many items you are moving
  • The distance of your move.

If you are planning a move at the height of the moving season, summertime, it is important to reach out to movers several months ahead, even for a local move. A local move done in a regular or slow season; you will need to reach out only two months ahead.


Benefits of Advance Booking

Booking with full-service movers ahead of time is important because your move should not be rushed. Booking last minute, movers might not have the room in their schedule to help you. Or, they can fit you in but because of their hectic schedule, they will give you a higher price because of this last minute addition.

Before you decide what movers you would like to hire, complete estimates with several moving and storage companies. Ask questions and learn about their services. You will want movers who are helpful and eager to see your move done right. With these steps all completed, you will be ready to complete your move in no time.


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