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Professional Movers’ Tips to Save Money on a Cross Country Move

Plan Your Move with Reliable Professional Movers’ Tips to Save Money on a Cross Country Move in Canton, MI & Surrounding AreasProfessional Movers' Tips on How to Save Money on a Cross Country Move

Cross country moves require many resources and a few months of planning to create your move. If you are looking to complete a move of this distance, here are some professional movers’ tips to help you get started. See how you can complete and save money on a cross country move.

  • Busy Moving Seasons – Save on your moving and storage rates by scheduling an off-peak moving season and date. Summertime and weekends are popular to move so you will experience higher rates here. Consider moving in the fall or on a weekday to save some money.
  • Compare Rates – As you start looking for movers, our professional movers’ tips are to compare estimates, services, and rates to find the movers you need for both you and your budget.
  • Size of the Move – The more you move, the more your move will cost. Take advantage of this opportunity to downsize your belongings. Donate what you are not using and throw away the others. You can sell your belongings online or at a garage sale as well to gather a little extra cash towards the move too.
  • Moving for Work – If you are moving for work, inquire to see if there is any support to help pay for your move and relocation. This financial assistance can make a difference but make sure you save all receipts and paperwork from the move for reimbursement.
  • Packing – While your items’ safety is important, you can get a little creative with how you pack your belongings. Labels trash bags to easily pack blankets or pillows. Put your clothes in a suitcase or duffle bag to save on purchasing boxes. Tupperware, plastic tubs, and more are all great resources during a move.

These professional movers’ tips should give you a great place to start with your next move. Start planning and see how you can lower the cost of your move while sticking to your budget. These tips are a great resource so look forward to your move in no time.


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