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Relocation Management Industry Goes Digital

Relocation Management Industry Goes Digital

Relocation Management Providers Go Digital

In a recent SHRM article, writer Dave Zielinski discusses that, as technology evolves, relocation management companies are introducing new digital platforms and tools to make life and work easier for clients and their employees. SIRVA, a leader in this area, continues to invest in both research and technology to keep up with both advancements and evolving customer expectations.


Some key areas where technology has had the greatest impact in relocation:

Digital tools for assignees: Whether moving across town or across the globe, a relocation can be overwhelming. Providing assignees with tools that show a timeline, outline crucial milestones and provide information on what they’re qualified for not only makes their process less stressful – it also keeps the relocation on track, creating greater efficiency for clients and relocation management companies, as well.

Notable quote from SIRVA’s John Kirk regarding one of our digital tools: “SIRVA Connect gives assignees the ability to find the information they need for every step in the process, any time, on any device, anywhere in the world. Features include capturing real-time feedback from assignees and transferees, which allows relocation counselors to proactively troubleshoot and anticipate employee needs before they occur.”


Managing lump-sum payouts:  Thanks to new applications, employees can manage the money their employer has given them to pay for their moves. According to the article, Atlas’ 2017 Corporate Relocation survey reported that almost half of surveyed companies use lump-sum payouts for real estate transactions, rental assistance, household goods shipping and storage – and more.

Notable quote from SIRVA’s John Kirk: “We launched Lump Sum Xpress in response to rising demand for a lump-sum solution and we continue to invest in research and technology to keep up with evolving customer expectations. Too often in the past in our industry, assignees were left to their own devices to find moving companies or realtors and in making other important relocation decisions. Self-service, mobile-optimized tools with strong decision-support features can help by providing things like lists of vetted suppliers, pre-negotiated discount pricing and more.”


Balancing high tech with high touch: Since moving can be a stressful experience, it’s important to remember that technology is a valuable extension of customer service but never a replacement for it.

Notable quote from SIRVA’s John Kirk: “Our research is very clear that people want more self-service that elevates their relocation experience and timely access to human support when assignees have questions or concerns. This guides our customer support philosophy of providing best-in-class technology when you want it and a live person when you need it.”


Predictive analytics and talent metrics: Predictive analytics is the use of data, algorithms and machine learning to assess things that have happened in the past and determine a likelihood of what will happen in the future. In the world of mobility, this has significant implications because it allows clients and relocation managers to dig more deeply into the logistical aspects of aggregate past moves, examine the data, and then improve the process and experience of future moves.

Notable quote from SIRVA’s John Kirk: “SIRVA’s analytics platform, SIRVAlytics, empowers users with business intelligence capabilities and visualizations in a “highly interactive, intuitive, three-dimensional fashion. The goal is to allow mobility leaders to change their mindset from saying “I think” to “the data suggests.”

For more information, please visit the complete article, at: https://www.shrm.org/ResourcesAndTools/hr-topics/talent-acquisition/Pages/Relocation-Management-Goes-Digital.aspx