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The Ultimate Local Moving Checklist from Reliable Movers

Local Moving Checklists from the Most Reliable Movers in Canton, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, and Surrounding AreasReliable Movers in Canton, MI & Grand Rapids, MI

Are you willing to relocate? Moving locally may appear to be a simpler undertaking, but it still takes careful planning and consideration. Let’s see whether you have everything prepared; alternatively, use this list as a guideline before you start planning your move.

Here is a basic checklist to guarantee that you are prepared and on your way to completing your upcoming move with Rose Moving & Storage, a leader among local moving firms. Our residential moving and storage checklist covers everything from locating a residential moving and storage company to ensuring you have everything ready to go.

  1. Determine if you will relocate on your own or with the help of reputable movers
  2. Make a schedule for when you will pack, move, and so forth
  3. Investigate the typical cost of a local move
  4. Plan estimates and get several quotes from local movers
  5. Find the best local movers for your needs
  6. Make a list of all the items in your home
  7. Determine what you want to relocate and what you want to dispose of or donate
  8. Plan the layout and floor plan of your future home
  9. Purchase packing supplies
  10. Start packing as soon as possible, or hire movers to do it for you
  11. Pack carefully, using safe, new containers or boxes
  12. Put any essentials you’ll need throughout the move in a separate box
  13. At the post office, change your mailing address
  14. You should switch your utilities
  15. Pack your car in an orderly manner, but keep it secure for people inside
  16. Have your children and pets babysat or picked up on moving day to protect their safety.

Make certain that you do not overlook anything when making your next move! This terrific house moving checklist is designed to help you plan ahead of time for a stress-free move. Check to see what more has to be done and start planning your move into your new home.


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