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What Goes into a Moving Quote?

Professional Tips About What Goes into a Moving Quote in Canton, MI, Kentwood, MI, & Surrounding AreasMoving Quote in Canton, MI & Grand Rapids, MI

If you have never completed a move with the help of professional movers, a moving quote and estimate may be a foreign concept to you. If this is unfamiliar, Rose Moving & Storage wants to make sure you understand how a professional moving and storage quote works and how it benefits your move.


What is the Purpose of a Moving and Storage Quote?

A moving quote is the way a moving and storage company estimates how much their moving services will cost for your move. There are services with different prices as well as billable time for distance, how many movers are working, and more. The distance of your move and the overall weight of your belongings affects the price as well.


How to Complete an Estimate

Estimates can be completed virtually, over the phone, or in person. You will meet or talk to the movers about the upcoming move, what furniture and objects will need to be moved or packed, logistics, and more. In-home estimates are the most accurate because your mover will be able to come on location and see what is being moved, the challenges of your home or office’s environment, and more.


Binding Estimates

There are binding and non-binding estimates meaning if a quotes’ prices can be changed or not by the move.

  • Binding Estimate: The mover will not change the estimate’s price on moving day if there are no additions to the move.
  • Non-binding Estimate: the mover can arrive on the moving day and change the estimate price depending on the unexpected items, time, and services needed.

From binding and non-binding estimates and throughout the process, you will now know how to approach and handle a moving and storage estimate. Come to know what to expect as you plan what questions to ask your movers and more. With these tips and a moving quote, you will be ready to start your move in no time.


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